“Our Terms & Conditions ” sets out our standard customer terms. It is divided into several sections:

1. Acceptable methods of payment by the Company is by cash, direct credit shown as cleared funds or by MasterCard, Visa and AMEX. A 3% credit card surcharge is applicable on all credit/debit card payments. We DO NOT ACCEPT cheques or accounts.

2. On making a booking the Customer is required to pay a deposit, being an amount determined at the Company’s discretion with the balance of the charges payable prior to completion of unloading.

3. The company shall have the right to defer or refuse delivery at the Customer’s expense should it become apparent that the Customer is unwilling or unable to pay in the required form of payment or at the required place or time. The Customer may not withhold any part of the payment.

4. If payment is not made the goods will stay on the truck until payment is finalised and the time spent waiting will be charged to the Customer. If payment is not made on the same day, the goods will be stored, and the Customer will be charged storage fees and additional time charges for delivery to and from storage.

5. If the Customer is paying a half hourly rate, this is not a fixed price. Estimations provided when gaining a quote are based on indications provided by the customer and compared to similar moves and are not to be regarded as maximum time frames. Many factors need to be taken in consideration when comparing moves, such as access, the amount of items/ furniture, the number of stairs, the walking distance between the house the truck, weather etc.

6. The average time frame for our moves are as follows – 1 Bedroom 2-3 hours, 2 Bedroom 3-5 hours, 3 Bedroom 5-7 hours, 4 Bedroom 7-9 hours.

7. Trucks do not travel as fast as cars due to the added weight carried. If a truck has taken longer to get to the drop off location then a car would have or has, estimated time discounts will not be offered to align with the travel times of a car/smaller vehicle.

8. The quotation may not include extra charges for additional services.

9. Payment is required by cleared funds upon delivery of the removal or at the end of a storage period. Should payment/deposit not be received by the move date then the move may be postponed, cancelled, or revoked. If the move goes ahead then payment must be made within 3 working days of the move date. If payment is not received after this date then the collection will be passed to a debt collection agency. The customer will be subject to the DCA fees.

10. From time to time delays may occur due to traffic or unforeseen circumstances, should a truck arrive late there will be no discounts or compensation. The Company does not hold responsibility for any other issues due to the late arrival of a truck.

11. All times that are booked after the first-time slots of the day (7 or 8am) are not guaranteed start times, they are merely window times in which the truck will arrive. 1.0 Cancellations 1. Deposits paid on jobs are non-refundable if cancelled within 48 hours of the booked job date. Should sufficient notice to cancel be given in writing, the deposit will be refunded less 50%.

12. Please be aware that if you cancel your job on the day then the minimum charge must be paid in full.

2.0 Quotation and Order

The Company charges and quotations are calculated on the basis of information supplied by the Customer as to the nature and quantity of items to be moved and as to any difficulties in gaining access at the pick up or delivery locations, and additional charges will become payable if the information supplied is incorrect or inaccurate. The Company may then charge the Customer an additional amount to cover the cost of additional time and labor.

The quote may vary if:
1. The Company must supply any additional services, previously not included in the quotation, such as disconnecting appliances or balcony lifts.

2. Access to the property is not as described and will not allow free movement of the goods without the need of alterations or hire of additional equipment, or the access to the property be not suitable for the removal vehicle to get within 25 meters of the doorway, and as a result the Company has to do additional work not included in the quotation.

3. Any charges are incurred for parking, toll roads, congestion fees, or any other charges levied by the government for transportation of goods from the current property to the new property.

3.0 Loading and unloading time allowance per consignment for flat rate moves is as follows:

1. 5 Cubic Meters allows up to 30 minutes loading and 30 minutes unloading

2. 10 Cubic Meters allows up to 1 hour loading and 1 hour unloading

3. 15 Cubic Meters allows up to 1.5 hours loading and 1.5 hours unloading

4. 20 Cubic Meters allows up to 2 hours loading and 2 hours unloading

5. 25 Cubic Meters allows up to 2.5 hours loading and 2.5 hours unloading

6. 30 Cubic Meters allows up to 3 hours loading and 3 hours unloading

7. 35 Cubic Meters allows up to 3.5 hours loading and 3.5 hours unloading

8. 40 Cubic Meters allows up to 4 hours loading and 4 hours unloading

9. 50 Cubic Meters allows up to 5 hours loading and 5 hours unloading

10. 65 Cubic Meters allows up to 6.5 hours loading and 6.5 hours unloading

These time limits apply upon pick up as well as delivery. In the event your consignment takes longer than the time assigned at pick up or at drop off there will be an additional fee of $100+GST per hour applied.

4.0 Ownership of Goods

1. By entering into the contract, the Customer declares that the person obtaining the quote and booking the job is the owner of the goods or has the owner’s permission to be moving his or her goods and shall be responsible for the booking and payment of the job.

5.0 Customer’s Obligations To enable the Company to perform its obligations the Customer shall:

1. Provide the Company with any information reasonably required by the Company and advise of any special requirements or care of particular items. Should the Customer not accept the recommendations of the Company then the items to be moved are solely moved at the risk of the Customer. The Company cannot be held liable for any damage caused whilst the item to be moved is under the supervision of the Customer.

2. Advise the Company of how many boxes and what packing materials are required for the job. If packing jobs are not booked for the first morning time slot, the customer must pay to have the packing materials picked up from the office or pay for a courier to deliver them prior to the pack/move. In the case the Company is required to leave to get more packing materials one the job has already commenced; the Customer will be charged the same half hourly rate for the added time that it takes to get the packing materials.

3. Obtain all necessary permissions, parking permits, licenses and consents which may be required before the commencement of the services, the cost of which shall be the sole responsibility of the Customer. All tolls, fares etc incurred during the job to be billed at the cost of the client. The Customer is responsible for ensuring parking adequate for the vehicle transporting the goods is available during the job no more than 25 metres away from the relevant doorway, if time is spent searching for parking it will be at the expense of the customer.

4. It is the customer’s responsibility to have someone next to the truck at all times to eliminate the chances of potential theft from passers-by. It is also the Customers responsibility to check the truck before it leaves the drop-off to ensure everything has been unloaded from the truck. If the Customer is not present at the drop-off and has not ensured all items have been delivered and unloaded from the truck, the Company will not be held responsible.

5. Advise the Company of any height restrictions.

1. Advise the Company of any oversized items such Pianos, Fish Tanks, Pool Tables and items over approximately 80 kilos. The Company has the right to refuse or charge extra for these items.

2. Advise the Company of the need to move items up stairs any more than the third floor. Any higher than the third floor may incur extra charges.

3. Ensure that all dangerous goods, banned substances, animals and plants are declared before sign on, as relocating those may breach Australian transport regulations

6.0 Goods in Storage

1. The goods will not be released until the account has been paid in full. Additional charges will be applied for additional time in storage.
2. If such charges have been outstanding the Company may give 28 days’ written notice by certified or registered mail to the last known address of the Customer of intention to sell, and if the amount owing is not paid within that period may sell all or any of the goods by public auction or by private treaty and out of the monies arising retain charges so payable and all charges and expenses of the detention and sale and shall pay the surplus, if any, to the person entitled to it.

3. If there is no one in attendance at the place for the delivery of the goods the Company shall be entitled at its discretion to leave the goods at that place or to return at a later time until delivery is effected, storing the goods at any. convenient place in the meantime, and the Customer agrees to pay any additional charges incurred thereby to the Company for any storage and/or redelivery.

4. Any goods kept in trucks overnight are kept at the Customer’s own risk, expense and responsibility.

7.0 Applicable Law and Interpretations

1. This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws applicable in the State of NSW. This Agreement shall be deemed to have been entered into in the State of NSW.

2. Any provision of this Agreement which is capable of being interpreted as being void, illegal or unenforceable, shall not be so interpreted if at all possible, and shall otherwise be severed to the minimum extent necessary with the remainder of the Agreement remaining in force.

3. All the rights, immunities and limitations of liability in the above conditions of contract shall continue to have their full force and effect in all circumstances, notwithstanding any breach of contract (including fundamental breach of contract) or any condition thereof by the Company.

4. Words denoting the singular number shall include the plural number and vice versa words denoting any gender shall include any other genders.

8.0 Insurance Cover and Guarantee

1. The Customer must ensure that all goods provided to us are in a condition which is suitable for us to perform the services, including by ensuring any goods are packed in a proper way to withstand the ordinary risk of transport, except where the Customer contracts the Company to package the goods.

2. Acknowledge that, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, should any damage be incurred then it is the Customer‘s responsibility to advise the Company prior to sign off of delivery. Liability for damage will only be accepted if it may be proven without reasonable doubt that the Company has been negligent in the manner in which they have conducted the move.

All issues must be addressed prior to sign off otherwise they will be denied.

1. Understand that the only insurance provided by the Company is public liability insurance and road transit insurance for fire, flood, collision and overturning with any excess amounts to be paid in full by the Customer. The Customer accepts responsibility to ensure that the Customer’s goods are adequately insured for transportation and must organize insurances for any additional cover by contacting their own insurance provider.
2. If the Customer elects to have goods packed by the Company using preventative bubble wrapping then the Company guarantees that those wrapped goods will be delivered to the delivery location free from breakages. If wrapped goods are damaged during transit the Company will either replace at market value or repair the damaged goods or pay the costs of replacing or repairing the damaged goods. Goods wrapped in preventative bubble wrap will incur an extra charge – this cost is charged at the Drivers discretion. The cost will be between $10-$50 per item depending on the size and the value of the item.

3. The Customer must prior to commencement of the removal services, demonstrate to the Company’s reasonable satisfaction that all goods guaranteed are in working order and free from damage.

4. Unless the Customer elects to have the goods unpacked by the Company prior to the completion of the removal services, the Customer must unwrap and check the condition of guaranteed goods and identify to the Company prior to completion or signing off any guaranteed goods that are not in good working order or have been damaged during the course of the performance of the removal services.
5. The Guarantee will be null and void if damaged items are not disclosed prior to sign off, or not wrapped as recommended in preventative form of international wrap or have not been proven to be in working order prior to relocation or if the Customer is not present and/or leaves sites.

6. If the item does not have any visible damage and the damage is internal only, it is impossible for the Company to be held liable.

9.0 Exclusion of Liability under the Guarantee

1. The goods damaged are paintings, artwork, artefacts, sculptures, glassware, jewellery, gold, silver, diamonds or precious stones, bullion or cash bonds or any other form of negotiable instruments.

2. All items over $1000.

3. The damage is caused by delay, deterioration or act of nature, disassembling, assembling or electrical fault or malfunction.

4. The goods damaged are at the Customer’s sole risk where the goods weigh in excess of 80kgs (the Company may refuse to remove large or cumbersome goods and may carry separate additional charges and any damage which occurs will be at the Customer’s sole risk).